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Body Type 1: Ectomorph

An ectomorph has the body type that is most often seen in the pages of fashion magazines. They are slim boned, long limbed, lithe and have very little body fat and little muscle. Ectomorphs tend to have fragile, delicately built bodies and find it difficult to gain weight or add muscle. Supermodels, ballerinas and basketball players most commonly fall into this group.


  1. Skinny

  2. Small joints/ boned

  3. Long arms and legs

  4. Linear physique 

  5. Small shoulders

  6. Lightly muscled

  7. Small chest and buttocks

  8. Low body fat (without exercising or following low calorie diets)

  9. Can eat anything they like without weight gain

  10. Fast and efficient metabolism

  11. Difficulty gaining weight

  12. Hyperactive

  13. Difficulty in gaining muscle mass


Although ectomorphs tend to be adore, we must remember that they have problems of their own. Ectomorphs tend to lack shape because of their low muscle mass. Female ectomorphs are likely to be flat chested and may complain of looking boyish, wishing they had more womanly curves. Male ectomorphs struggle to increase their muscle mass and may look wiry. As you see, they too, have to work hard to achieve their goals. As ectomorphs lack muscle mass, thus they need to keep their weight lower than endomorphs or mesomorphs. Furthermore, some ectomorph want and struggle to gain weight – muscle and some fat.

With age, even the super-fast metabolism of the ectomorph slows down and as a result, they often gain weight, since they are not used to exercising or watching their calorie intake. However, this is an opportunity for male ectomorphs to gain muscle and female ectomorphs who want more curves to get them. Brad Pitt for example, has become much less ectomorphic over the last few years, as has Kate Moss.


Ectomorphs may be underweight, but over-fat and thus be carrying too much body fat and not enough lean mass (muscle). Hence, the skinny people who look wobbly naked and the term skinny fat. Ectomorphs can benefit, as much as the other two body groups, from body fat (composition) measurements. Even ectomorphs can’t get away without exercise if it is a super sleek toned body they are after.

If it is shape you want, you need to increase your muscle mass. The ectomorph diet should choose nutrient and calorie dense foods for their snacks and meals, such as nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, and starchy vegetables. Also, try a weight gain diet for ectomorphs, if you want to put on weight.

If you are struggling to gain weight, it may be a good idea to visit your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. People suffering with hyperthyroidism for example, experience weight loss, are unable to gain weight and tend to be hyperactive and fidgety.


Body Type 2: Mesomorph

Mesomorphs could be thought of as the “genetically gifted”. They are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean body. They have excellent posture. Often, their shoulders are wider than their hips and women tend to have an hourglass figure. Mesomorphs are natural born athletes and tend to be lean and muscular without trying. They generally are described as being of “medium” build. The world’s leading tennis players, figure skaters and bodybuilders fall into this group.


  1. Naturally lean

  2. Naturally muscular

  3. Naturally strong

  4. Medium size joints/ bones

  5. Wider at the shoulders than the hips – i.e. chest dominates over abdominal area

  6. Broad/ square shoulders

  7. Female mesomorph: defined hourglass figure

  8. Male mesomorph: V or rectangular shape

  9. Efficient metabolism

  10. Gaining muscle is almost effortless

  11. Losing fat is almost effortless

  12. Responds quickly to exercise


It is a great advantage to have mesomorphic qualities, they don’t have to worry too much about what they eat and they can gain muscle mass and lose weight fairly quickly with relatively easily. This combination allows the mesomorph to achieve fantastic definition of the body. However, as easily as you lose fat, you gain fat also. Janet Jackson is a good example of someone who has struggled with fluctuating weight, but when determined is able to lose weight relatively quickly and look incredibly defined and boast amazing abs.


Looking at pictures male and female mesomorphs, who wouldn’t want to be a mesomorph?! Although, both male and female mesomorphs have a genetic head start, in the sense that they have an easy time staying lean and fit, they tend to lack weight loss motivation and assume that they can get away with very little effort. However, bad habits catch up with everyone in the end!

Female mesomorphs should focus on weight loss to shrink your waistline (think Halle Berry!) with cardio and simply shaping and contouring the curves of your figure. Female mesomorphs should concentrate on a strong cardio workout and limit weights. Female mesomorphs who worry about overly muscular legs can do exercises that will slim down calves or slim down thighs. With regular exercising, this body type tends to sculpt and shape well-defined muscles more easily than ectomorphs or endomorphs.

Male mesomorphs need to focus on keeping their body fat percentage down, as many mesomorphs are prone to weight gain, though they lose it fairly easily. Once mesomorphs strip away the fat, they have great definition due to their natural muscularity. Add weight training into the mix and your body is unrivaled by others.

Body Type 3: Endomorph

Endomorphs have a soft, curvy and round physique and display the opposite characteristics from ectomorphs. They have a sluggish metabolism, gain weight easily and have to work hard to lose body fat. Endomorphs often have a larger frame and tend to have wider hips than shoulders, creating a pear-shaped physique. Some of the sexiest and most beautiful singers and actresses are endomorphs. Similarly, many of the actors and action heroes on the silver screen are endomorphs.


  1. Smooth, round body

  2. Medium/ large joints/ bones

  3. Small shoulders

  4. Short limbs

  5. High levels of body fat (may be overweight)

  6. Body fat tends to settle in lower regions of body, mainly lower abdomen, butt, hips, and thighs (rather than being distributed evenly throughout body)

  7. Pear-shaped physique

  8. Can gain muscle easily, but tends to be underdeveloped

  9. Difficult to keep lost body fat off

  10. Lose weight slowly

  11. Have to work hard to lose weight

  12. Slow metabolic rate

  13. Attacks of tiredness/ fatigue

  14. Fall asleep easily


Endomorphs will have a harder time losing weight. But no one is saying that endomorphs CAN’T lose weight, but that they will have to work harder to lose the weight. Endomorphs do not have to be overweight. They simply require more determination than perhaps a mesomorph would, to achieve the same goal. Endomorphs have to train hard and must eat healthily most of the time. Endomorphs gain fat quickly when eating the wrong types of foods because their metabolism can be unforgiving. They also find it difficult to lose weight through diet alone.

The good news is that endomorph women are often thought of as voluptuous and sensual because they go in at the waist, have large rounded breasts and have womanly curves in all the right places – when in shape, their curves create an allure likened to that of Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Loren and other celebrated and famous bodies. Some of the most beautiful women in show business today are endomorphs. And lets be clear, if you are a female endomorph trying to look like an ectomorph (let's say Kate Moss) – a body type that possesses little fat, little muscle and a small frame even if you do manage to lose a lot weight (fat and muscle!) to somewhat resemble an ectomorph, it will never look as good on you as it will look on her. For her it is a natural state and she looks (and is) healthy, but you have beaten your body into submission, forcing your body to be something it is not and you will most likely look (and feel and be) ill and tired, instead of radiant and glowing. It just doesn’t work. Your goal should be to transform your body into the best it can be, not to reconstruct it into someone else’s body. You can be incredibly slim, lean and toned. You can even be petite. But you can’t be an ectomorph. 

Male mesomorphs tend not to wish for an ectomorphic body, but a mesomorphic one. Most male endomorphs will find this entirely possible (with hard work!). Russell Crowe is an endomorph who when in shape looks like an awesome mesomorph. Let him be your example of what can be achieved through training and what happens when you stop training and eating clean.


Along with carefully monitoring their carb and fat intake, the ideal endomorph workout plan should combine an intense cardio along with a moderate weight-training program to see maximum results for their efforts. 

Though metabolic rate may be determined by genetics, through training and nutrition, endomorphs can speed things up. Catch is: Food is not consumed according to how you feel, but what works best for you. No cheating allowed and training is not negotiable. You must do it regularly and frequently, whether you feel like it or not. For the endomorph to achieve their dream body, they must follow their program with military precision. The best diet for endomorphs tend to be low-carb diets as many endomorphs are carbohydrate sensitive. No junk foods, eat your veggies. This means you have to find a way to adopt these changes and turn it into a lifestyle that suits you that you can maintain and enjoy. You’d better learn to enjoy it, if you want to achieve and keep that lean body!


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